New Apple TV will support Dolby Atmos soon, but no YouTube in 4K for now

New Apple TV will support Dolby Atmos soon, but no YouTube in 4K for now

Nilay Patel, in her review of Apple TV 4K to The vergestated that one of the problems of the new set top box would be the lack of support three-dimensional sound technology Dolby atmosphere.

For those who do not know or do not know what such technology, Patel himself explains:

Atmos and its competitor DTS: X are the next generation of sound formats surround, which the industry calls “surround based on objects ”. Unlike the surround Traditional, which sends specific audio tracks to specific speakers, Atmos allows audio engineers to place sound “objects” in 3D space and their receiver or soundbar finds a way to recreate it.

But for those who enjoy technology, there is still a light at the end of the tunnel. That's because Apple confirmed to The verge that this is lacking “not a hardware limitation” and that technology support “is in the company's plans”. As tvOS regularly updated, users of the new Apple TV will soon be able to enjoy Dolby Atmos.

In addition to this, Patel also pointed out some other issues with Apple TV 4K, such as the fact that You will not be able to play YouTube videos in 4K and / or HDR.

This particular issue, which also affects Safari on macOS and iOS, comes from the different formats: while Apple TV 4K supports video on codecs H.264, HEVC and MP4, YouTube's 4K HDR content server runs in VP9 open source format.

The problem would only be solved if at least one of the companies added one format supported by the other, but which one would give in first? For now, neither has confirmed this. This means that, at least for now, users of the new set top box will be able to play YouTube videos up to Full HD 1080p.

The problems do not end: According to Patel, HDR processing of the black box ends up making the HD image content poor and there is no possibility of modifying this in the settings for that option, Apple said that not to implement because "change of mode" something "inelegant". However, the good news that they said will continue to improve processing, so this problem can soon be resolved in a next update.

Regarding the content made available in 4K, Apple is not responsible for the titles that support the technology. For example, there are no Disney or Marvel titles available in 4K on the iTunes Store simply because the studio (not yet?) Has not moved to make them available. However, there is already a range of very cool titles available for rent or purchase, which are even featured on the iTunes Store.

4K Content on the iTunes Store

The experience of watching a movie in 4K HDR means having access to incredible resolution and vibrant colors. With 4K, you have four times more pixels compared to HD technology, resulting in sharper, clearer images. And HDR delivers brighter, richer, true-to-life colors. Explore a selection of movies available with all these impressive qualities.

This selection of titles is divided into seven sections: “Recommended Movies”, “Impressive Image Quality”, “Action and Adventure”, “Dramas and More”, “Comedies”, “Children and Family” and “4K Movies”.

The good thing is that all prices remain the same as HD titles, so enjoy!

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