How to use Apple Watch as your Apple TV remote control

New Apple TV: unboxing in stop motion and varied tips

You have followed in detail, here on the website, our complete coverage of the new Apple TV. And now we have our unit on hand, to test it further and bring other information here to the website.

We show a unboxing of it even before set-top box reach the market, but we can’t stop doing our own unpacking. This time, we risk a different style in stop motion:

Taking advantage of the opportunity, we have gathered below some general tips that we have not yet commented on.

Siri Remote shortcuts

  • Clicking and holding a Home Screen icon using touchpad, it starts to shake and you can then reposition it as you like even in the top row of tvOS. If you want to delete an app, press Play / Pause while it is selected and shaking.
  • Clicking and holding on a letter on the keyboard using the touchpad, you open a contextual menu with variations of it (capital, with accents) and an erase / delete key. Pressing the button Play / Pause on the keyboard, you can also switch between upper and lower case.
  • On the Home Screen, pressing the button twice Menu on Siri Remote starts the screen saver.
  • If you want to restart Apple TV, simultaneously press and hold the buttons Menu and Home on Siri Remote. If you just want to put it to sleep / hibernate, touch and hold the button Home.
  • Pressing the button twice Home, you access the tvOS multitasking interface. As with iOS, it is possible to “throw” any app upwards, to end it.
  • When playing a movie, you can slide from top to bottom on the touchpad to open an upper area where you can check more information about what you’re watching, adjust subtitles and configure the audio.

Sensitivity of touchpad

Throughout the system, whether sliding through cones, fast forwarding / rewinding a movie, or choosing letters on the keyboard, the faster you slide on the touchpad, faster to move.

Apple TV Siri Remote from front and side

But his own sensitivity can be configured by the user in Settings Remote Controls and Devices Touch Sensitivity. Oh, and on that same screen you can go on Bluetooth to check the battery level of the remote control.

Finally, if you prefer it is possible to use the Siri Remote more or less like the old remote control for Apple TVs. If you touch its corners (up, down, left or right), you can move the selection cursor on the screen instead of just sliding your finger over the touchpad. 😉

(via MacRumors, Cult of Mac, The Loop)