New Apple TV? Company continues testing new device with Bluetooth and NFC connectivity

Last September we talked about an intriguing device, which Apple sent to the FCC to receive appropriate approvals to place it on the market.

The dimensions of this new product are very similar to those of Apple TV; The FCC has been responsible for testing Bluetooth and NFC connectivity since Wi-Fi has not been tested, indicating that Apple is reusing a design already known to the Commission or that the product does not have such connectivity. The intriguing one, however, has to do with the energetic part of that device. While the fourth generation Apple TV works at 12V / 920mA, this mysterious product apparently requires somewhere between 5.5 / 13.2V and 100 / 700mA.

This week, the AppleInsider found that Apple sent a new device to the FCC to test, in what we might call an upgrade of the one I described above.

F18-tested device document A1846

The same tests were done (and not done, as we still have no Wi-Fi tests). However, we jumped from model A1844 to A1846 and SKU, which now JR2 (formerly JR1) you can check all documents from this device on the FCC website.

Given that we are talking about a device similar in size to an Apple TV and that the company should update it this year (the current generation was launched in September 2015), the first thing we really think we are facing the fifth generation of set top box. But "traveling" a bit here taking advantage of the rumor that Apple might abandon its AirPort line if we are facing a new product that blends Apple TV's capabilities with those of a router?

Despite this, we have no Wi-Fi testing on the device, which is odd considering that it can be a router; On the other hand, Apple could simply put the same Wi-Fi capabilities we have today on the AirPorts Extreme and Time Capsule (IEEE 802.11ac standard).

We'll see what's next for

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official image

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