Apple would also be planning a “Netflix of games” for its service catalog

New Apple TV allows connection of a maximum of two Bluetooth controls

For the first time Apple TV have an app store. And that, of course, messed up the game market a bit after all, if before many people already played on their TVs thanks to AirPlay technology (the game running on the iPad / iPhone / iPod touch, but mirrored on the television), now everything has become easier. Even more considering that we can use Bluetooth controls to play on the new Apple TV.

However, the new set-top box Apple's was definitely not created to be a direct competitor to consoles like PS4s and Xboxes for life. The proof of this is that, in addition to all games having to be created to work natively with Siri Remote, the fourth generation of Apple TV supports only two Bluetooth controls at the same time. That is, relying on Siri Remote, the maximum of controls connected simultaneously set-top box they are only three, greatly reducing the chances of you gathering a large group of friends for a game.

Apple TV

According to TouchArcade, several developers have tested various models of Bluetooth controls and the limit of two connections has remained on all of them. Apparently there is no such limit when iGadgets are used as controls, but it is necessary that the game developer implements a specific support so that iPads / iPhones / iPods touch can be used like this.

It is not known whether this is a limitation of tvOS itself or of controls designed specifically to work with Apple products. Maybe even that will change until the product launches, but for now, this is the scenario.

(via MacRumors)