New Apple trademark registrations, including “iSight Duo” and “A10 Fusion”, are discovered

New Apple trademark registrations, including “iSight Duo” and “A10 Fusion”, are discovered

Just yesterday we commented that some interesting brand records (such as iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, AirPods, AirPod Case, Smart Button, Touch Bar ”, Control Strip, Home Hub and Iris Engine) were discovered by lawyer Brian Conroy. He commented that, after disclosing such records, many people got in touch showing others, asking if he was familiar with that. Most of the time, to our surprise, the answer was “no”.

One of these people was Ryan Simmons, user of the forum MacRumors. Simmons found that Apple had registered the following trademarks in Brunei: "A10 Fusion", "ISight Duo", "Depth", "Scribble" and “Writeboard”. Intrigued, the lawyer went back to looking for new records and found some more: "Apple Metal", "Apple Earpods", "Today At Apple", "Apple Swift Playgrounds", "Apple Smart Connector" and "Apple Genius Grove".

Clone of “IPhone 7 Plus” clone

Unlike the trademarks I mentioned in the first paragraph, Conroy did not verify these registration requests and made it clear that this is something very easy / simple to do in some jurisdictions. Thus, many people / companies end up submitting a false brand request just to generate some kind of advertising, spontaneous media.

Leaving aside some well-known brands (such as Metal, EarPods, Swift Playgrounds, Smart Connector, Genius Grove), one of the new discoveries made by Simmons beats the rumor of the dual camera on the iPhone 7 Plus (“iSight Duo”).

The "A10 Fusion", although it indicates a new nomenclature for the processor that should accompany the new iPhones, has not yet been ventilated, as well as "Depth", "Scribble" and "Writeboard". Maybe they are related to some function of Apple Pencil. This week, John Gruber retrieved an interview from Tim Cook in which he was asked about the launch of the Apple Pencil.

As we know, Steve Jobs spoke little and good about the accessory stylus when launching the first iPhone. At the time, the co-founder and former CEO of Apple said that if you need a pen like this to interact with the device, it's all wrong. Asked how he felt when launching the Apple Pencil, if Jobs' voice "resurfaced", Cook replied (emphasis added):

Well, we launched a pencil and not a pen, first of all, and there is a big difference about the things people are doing with this pencil, I think Steve would have loved it. He liked to help people create. And if you've seen what can be created on an iPhone or an iPad with pencilIt's really unbelievable. You really should show some of these (creations) to your audience.

that story: either Cook made a bad mistake in anticipating that the new iPhones would receive support for Pencil, or when saying that the pencil can be used in a good way with the smartphone.

Will we see new iPhones compatible with Apple Pencil? Does it make sense to use pencil to draw on an iPhone? We will know soon and, if that happens, we will see the justifications. 😝

(via MacRumors, Daring Fireball)