New Apple Support Videos Focus on Apple Watch Health Features and Mac Pro

From time to time, Apple makes small support videos available on its YouTube channel with helpful tips on how to perform certain actions or enable certain features in their products.

Recently, four of them came to the Apple Brazil channel and, therefore, have already been properly translated into Portuguese. Two refer to the health features of Apple Watch while the other two refer to tips for the new Mac Pro. Let's see?

Apple Watch Series 4 How to turn on fall detection

With drop detection enabled, your Apple Watch will contact emergency services if you need to. Learn how to do even more at

Apple Watch Series 4 How to turn on heart health notifications

With Apple Watch, you can set up notifications for high and low heart rate or arrhythmias. Learn how to do even more at

How to Add Memory to Mac Pro (2019)

MacPro can have up to 1.5TB of memory, and you can install it yourself. Be sure to read the documentation to confirm that you are installing the DIMMs on the slots correct. MacOS will notify you if the DIMMs are in the slots incorrect.

How to Add a New MPX Module to Your Mac Pro

The expansion module plug & play MacPro, or MPX module, increases MacPro graphics capability. It is easy to install. You only need one MPX module and one Phillips screwdriver.

Great, no?