Apple Antara in Mexico City

New Apple store in Mexico will open this Friday; several others reopen

At least in the area of retail, Apple does not stop: a week after reopening the most iconic of its stores, Apple has already set a date for the opening of a new flagship, incorporated several new features into existing stores and will reopen several spaces under renovation. Let’s check the news!

Apple Antara

After much speculation, the second Apple Store (and the first flagship) at the Mexico won an opening date: September 27, better known as Friday now, at 5 pm local time.

Apple Antara in Mexico City

Located in the Polanco district, Mexico City, a Apple Antara it is close to several museums and points of cultural interest in the Mexican capital; in addition, even though connected to the Antara Fashion Hall shopping mall, the store has its main face facing outwards, with a beautiful square complementing the setting.

The store follows all the standards of flagships recent, with its wooden ceiling and stone walls; the main entrance has sliding glass doors, which fill the entire (huge) ceiling height of more than 7 meters. Inside, we have the traditional setting with indoor plants, wooden furniture and the big screen. Today at Apple.

Apple Columbia

Meanwhile, the store at The Mall in Columbia (in the city of Columbia, Maryland) will reopen on next 28at 10 am local time.

Apple ColumbiaPhotograph: 9to5Mac

The store moved to a much larger space within the mall, with a façade twice as long and with higher ceilings. There are still no photos or information about the interior of the store, but we will, of course, be connected.

Apple Old Orchard

Another close reopening is from Apple Old Orchard, at the Westfield Old Orchard shopping mall Skokie, Illinois). The store also moved to another space, much larger inside the mall, and now it will have an opening to the outside of the building.

Apple Old OrchardPhotograph: 9to5Mac

As in several other recent stores, we will have a flat wooden ceiling and stone walls, which can already be seen even with the sidings preventing the view from the inside of the space. The store will also reopen at next 28at 10 am local time.

Past reopenings

In addition, several other stores around the world have reopened over the past week, taking advantage of the launch of the new iPhones and the Apple Watch Series 5. Let’s see the main highlights:

Apple Highland Village

New Apple Highland VillagePhotograph: 9to5Mac

Located in Houston (Texas), the store was reopened on the last 20 days and gained a much more airy feel, with the arched glass ceiling and the pavilion structure with internal vegetation.

Apple Bridgewater

Apple Bridgewater

The city store of Bridgewater (New Jersey) it has also undergone a beautiful refurbishment, now featuring huge glass panels and a much brighter interior.

Apple Mall of America

Apple Mall of America

THE Apple Mall of America, located in the gigantic shopping center of the same name in Bloomington (Minnesota), gained an air similar to Apple Bridgewater. Here we have a glass front wall with its own vertex, so that passers-by can get a better look inside the store.

Apple Omotesando

New Apple OmotesandoPhotograph: 9to5Mac

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Apple Omotesando (in Tokyo, Japan) finally reopened after a long renovation. Externally the store hasn’t changed much, but its interior has been completely reorganized and revamped with Apple’s new retail experiences (including, of course, the Today at Apple).

Apple Parc Central

New Apple Parc CentralPhotograph: 9to5Mac

Finally, the store in Guangzhou (China) also had its renovation completed – here, the renovation took place in parts, first on the ground floor and then on the mezzanine, which has already reopened. A screen for the Today at Apple it was installed on the upper floor, and the store had its furniture completely renovated.

New setting

Finally, taking advantage of recent news, Apple has also introduced new elements of decoration and ambiance in its stores – some of them exclusive to certain spaces, others present in multiple Apple Stores around the world.

To celebrate the arrival of the iPhones 11 and 11 Pro, for example, several stores started showing in their huge windows illuminated signs highlighting the new devices. The “11”, in fact, is multicolored and highlights the colors of smartphones.

In Avenues, the gondolas stuck on the walls of the stores, we have several new specific decorations for AirPods, Apple Music, Apple Watch and Apple Arcade, for example.

This is so cool! A panel on the new Apple Fifth Avenue uses AirPods as musical notes… and the music represented is from the campaign “Here’s to the Crazy Ones”.

Talking about Avenues, a Apple Fifth Avenue received an exclusive from her, related to AirPods. On the back panel, a score is formed with the wireless headphones – and if you look at the notes represented, you will see that the Apple is making a reference to the melody of the iconic commercial “Think Different”. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Finally, in the Apple Park Visitor Center (which is also an Apple Store), we have an exclusive panel highlighting the bracelets for the Apple Watch Series 5. Another space shows the new Apple Watch Hermès in space black, with the inscription “Designed by Apple in California & Hermès in Paris”.

What about?

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