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New Apple short film shows us the Cuban surfing community

Earlier this year, Apple aired a short film entitled “The Lonely Palm Tree, Samoa” (“The Lonely Palm Tree, Samoa”), directed by Steven Counts and narrated by Eddie Siaumau, Samoan football player. Today, another short of that campaign was aired.

Titled “Hello, Cubana” (“Ola Cubana”), the new short – directed by Nick Woytuk and filmed by Zak Noyle (who used iPhones XS and XS Max) – is a glimpse into the Cuban surfing community. He explores the humble beginnings of the movement and how interest in surfing is growing in the country.

Along with the short, Apple also released a making of of the film in which we can see the use of some equipment like Freefly Movi Cinema Robot, AxisGO XS MAX / XR Water Housing and BeastGrip.

In addition to them, the FiLMiC Pro app was also used to capture images.

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