Second generation Apple Pencil

New Apple Pencil, Smart [Keyboard] Folio, 18W charger… discover the accessories launched today by Apple

The new ones iPads Pro are among us with several differences from previous generations, but possibly only one represents a fundamental change in the way Apple separates its two worlds – that of iOS devices and that of Macs. I say this because the new professional tablets from Apple are the first iGadgets to abandon the proprietary door (Lightning, as it has been for the past six years) and adopt a universal standard, the USB-C.

Of course, to strengthen the change, Apple would have, from the first moment, to present an updated accessory line with USB-C connection. And so it was: we have new adapters, new chargers and, of course, a new Apple Pencil and covers, with or without a keyboard – the latter, of course, do not have USB-C connections, but they reflect in the same way the new philosophy that Apple is wanting to instill in your tablets.

Next, we’ll take a special look at each of the new features.

Second generation Apple Pencil

Second generation Apple Pencil

The favorite “no-call-a-stylus” accessory from creative professionals has been upgraded far beyond what it looks like. Although Pencil’s own appearance is different: now, it has a flat side (to attach magnetically to one of the sides of the new iPad Pro), an inscription “Pencil” on its tip and a matte finish, more “soft”.

Apple Pencil is very different in touch. The matte finish really improves the grip.

The news, of course, doesn’t stop there: the new version of the pencil discards the existing Lightning connector on the tip of its predecessor and is loaded instead when the accessory is magnetically attached to the iPad Pro – this same act also synchronizes the Pencil with the tablet. In addition, Apple added a kind of tactile surface to the instrument: a double-tap on the pencil activates custom functions depending on the app used. Oh, and if you touch the screen of the new iPad Pro with the accessory, the tablet wakes up automatically.

When available, the second generation Apple Pencil will cost R $ 980 on Apple’s Brazilian website – R $ 230 more than its predecessor. Important to note that the new version no replaces the first and the two coexist in the Apple catalog for a very simple reason: the second generation of the pencil works only with the new iPad Pro, and the tablets no are compatible with the first generation of the accessory.

Smart Folio

The covers for the new iPad Pro take advantage of the new arrangement of magnets on the back surface of the tablets with charm: they connect to the devices magnetically, leaving three of their sides free and unimpeded and giving a much cleaner look to the set.

Smart Folio for iPad Pro

In addition, Smart Folios work similarly to Smart Cases before, with the front protection divided into “sections” that you can fold to position your tablet in two different positions, for viewing or typing.

Smart Folio for iPad Pro

The Smart Folio for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro costs R $ 800 and comes in two models, white or charcoal gray. The version for the 11-inch tablet costs R $ 640 and brings, in addition to the two colors above, a model in pink sand.

Smart Keyboard Folio

The Smart Keyboard Folio, in turn, is the updated version of the keyboard covers that Apple already offered for previous models of the iPad Pro – with the difference that, now, the back of the accessory connects to the tablet via magnets, instead of fitting on the sides, and two typing angles are offered, one for your lap and one for a table.

Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro

The Smart Connector has changed its position and, instead of the side, is now on the back of the iPad Pro – but the change does not bring any differences in the use of the accessory, that is, just connect the keyboard to the tablet and everything will start working immediately. ; it does not need to be charged and uses the power of the device itself. As always, when you open the front cover, iPad automatically wakes from your sleep. The accessory keys are full-size (that is, similar to a MacBook, for example).

Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro

The Smart Keyboard Folio costs R $ 1,350 in the version for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and R $ 1,200 in the version for the 11-inch tablet. Both come out only in charcoal gray.

USB-C adapter for headphones

It may have gone unnoticed by most people, but the new iPad Pro are the latest victims of Apple’s killer fury – yes, tablets have also lost their headphone output. So Apple started selling a USB-C adapter for headphones in addition to the accessory with a Lightning tip, which has been available for years.

USB-C adapter for 3.5mm headphone output

The accessory costs R $ 80 in the Brazilian Apple store.

1m USB-C charger cable

Apple already sold a 2-meter USB-C double-ended cable – it’s the cable that comes in the box of every MacBook [Pro] after the transition to the Thunderbolt 3 ports. Now that the iPad Pro has also embraced the standard, the company has also started to sell a 1-meter version of the same accessory.

Apple 1-meter USB-C to USB-C cable

Interestingly, both lengths cost the same at the Brazilian Apple store: R $ 130. Makes sense?

18W wall charger

In order to keep up with the new bigger tablets, Apple is also improving the plug chargers that come with them: the 12W version included in the box comes out previously (which in Brazil, you will understand why, it was 10W) ​​and a replacement comes in its place new 18W adapter, which will certainly charge new iPad Pro faster.

What's in the box for the new iPad Pro (18W charger)

The new wall charger has the same USB-C input and can also be used to charge new iPhones more quickly. The problem is that, so far, Apple has not made the accessory available for sale on a separate basis – that is, for now, the only way to get the 18W adapter is by buying one of the new iPad Pro, even. We hope it will be temporary.

SD card reader USB-C

The USB-C port of the new iPad Pro allows you to connect most modern cameras directly to them, but for those who have older models of machines or prefer a faster transfer, Apple is also starting to sell an SD card reader with USB-C connector.

SD card reader with Apple USB-C connector

The accessory is compatible not only with the new iPad Pro, but with any Mac with USB-C connection; its design is designed so that it does not block the other doors of your machine and it performs readings at UHS-II speed. The reader can be purchased for R $ 300 at the Brazilian Apple store.