Blu-ray Disc Association comments Steve Jobs' opinion on high-capacity optical media

New Apple mouse and keyboard may come with Blu-ray for the Mac line

How about Blu-ray drives on Macs, along with the new keyboard and mouse that are due to be released soon? That was the idea presented by John Gruber on his blog, after checking the repercussions of the new Apple peripherals found in the FCC files by Engadget, which will not take long to be available on the market.

iMac with Blu-ray?

To affirm this is still too premature, considering that it is a component that can make the value of Apple computers go up a bit, not to mention all the necessary licensing and software integration requirements. As Steve Jobs himself said, Blu-ray “is a punching bag”, but even so he managed to attract the attention of manufacturers who have long resisted its benefits, including Toshiba.

In the opinion of some, content delivery on discs like Blu-ray should still be large in the future, and with the price of necessary hardware falling (although not ideal), it should become more popular. However, there is a class of users (and I include myself in it) who already have reason to believe in ending the use of optical drives on computers, something that obviously will not happen immediately, but certainly at some point in the future. Yes, I already know what I would trade my SuperDrive for …

For a company that has already started killing the DVD drive in notebooks, it is normal that it takes a while and that the possibility of using Blu-ray in some product is being considered. Certainly, it gets to the iMac first, as well as an option for Macs Pro.

(image: Silicon Alley Insider.)