New Apple Car images show more advanced LIDAR system

New Apple Car images show more advanced LIDAR system

Yes, Apple is developing a system for autonomous cars. And yes, we've seen Ma's car strolling the streets of California before.

However, compare the image released in April with the one above now.

Five months later, the big difference as we can see the system TO DEAL which is on the roof of the vehicle.

Responsible for capturing the images was Amy, who lives near one of Apple's offices in Sunnyvale. She sees Apple's autonomous SUVs regularly apparently, Sunnyvale the basis of Apple's design, but this time realized something different.

In addition to the new LIDAR configuration, the Lexus 450h SUVs have also been “updated” (2015 model leaves and 2016/2017 enters the scene), with a new design.

The new LIDAR system used by Apple has two main LIDAR configurations on the front and rear doors, each surrounded by four other sensor-loaded components and cameras.

It is interesting to see that in just five months Apple is advancing in the setup of the cars. No such thing will be needed in the final version of the system. Obviously it will not be necessary to place a tramp on the roof of the car for it to gain self-driving characteristics; What we see now is basically building a system, with all the hardware insides exposed for ease of testing.

The biggest question about the "Titan Project", however, persists: whether Apple builds a self-managed system only, or ultimately will even launch its own car (controlling all aspects of the product, as in basically everything else). does she currently do)?

via MacRumors