New Apple Campaign Focuses on Privacy [atualizado: mais vídeos]

As a global company, most of Apple’s campaigns are run in countries where the company operates. Some of them, however – depending on the theme or even the company’s will – are regional. And that seems to be the case with the new campaign “There’s more to iPhone”, which showed up last year in Germany and has now reached France and the United Kingdom.


Did you notice the European trend? There, issues involving privacy are in vogue (largely due to the General Regulation on Data Protection, an issue that was born on the continent and has spread throughout the world). How much of this new campaign focuses on privacy …

As you browse the page, we see highlights such as “Apple never sells your data”, “Apple recycles your smartphone, even if it isn’t an iPhone”, “Face ID doesn’t store an image of your face”, “iOS 12 makes iPhones old people get faster ”,“ iOS 12 allows you to limit how advertisements track you ”and more.

In addition to the new page, Apple also released three commercials with themes commented on it, check out:

iPhone – Remote erase (Erase remotely)

You can remotely wipe your iPhone to protect your data.

iPhone – Disassembly (Disassembly)

Apple developed a dismantling robot for iPhones.

iPhone – Data protection (Data protection)

Apple never sells your data.

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Will the campaign reach countries on other continents?

Update, for Rafael Fischmann Mar 15, 2019 at 15:13

Apple released three more videos from the same campaign on its British YouTube channel today. Check out:

iPhone – Smartphone Recycling (Smartphone recycling)

Apple recycles your smartphone, even if it’s not an iPhone.

iPhone – iOS 12 Software Update

IOS 12 makes even older iPhones faster.

iPhone – Face ID

Face ID does not store a photo of your face on the iPhone, just a mathematical representation of it.