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New app wants to help fight sexual abuse, starting in São Paulo

as we always say, there is an app for everything imaginable. In some cases, the cause is quite noble.

The developer Renato Sanches recently launched the Help me, an app that aims to help combat sexual abuse within So Paulo's subways and trains with plans to expand to other Brazilian cities soon.

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With HelpMe your SMS Denncia message is prepared in less than 10 seconds allowing you to have agility and practicality to send it. You can also call Siren to alert people around you that you are experiencing problems.

In addition to denouncing sexual abuse itself, HelpMe makes it possible to make records about preferential seating, street vendors, broken air conditioning, illegal trade, theft, beggars, religious preaching, loud sound, vandalism, among others.

it's a shame that such an app needs to exist, but in the face of the world we live in it is very important.