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New app for managing Firmware on Linux is underway in GNOME

Implementation comes through Red Hat Engineer and at Dell's request.

We recently reported that System !, the company responsible for Pop! _OS, is working on a tool to manage device firmware and thus make life easier for the user who needs to do so. Looks like she's not alone on this walk. New app for managing Firmware on Linux is underway in GNOME

The news comes from Red Hat and GNOME Software engineer Richard Hughsie, who on his blog within the GNOME project announced the implementation.

In the announcement, he comments that Dell came to him a few months ago to co-mentor an intern on a summer project (very common in the US), to create a GTK application in managing the firmware. According to him, the idea of ​​this app, that some of Dell's support, can guide the user to make some advanced intervention through this app, such as reading firmware versions or downgrading to an older firmware version. Avoiding this, the dreaded black screen of the terminal.

As we saw in the image above, it was possible to manage several devices, thus being able to see more detailed information. Already in the image below, we can see five (5) types of firmware versions of the Lenovo ThinkPad P50.

The firmware manager is almost finished, but for now only has the code and binaries ready. They are still working on the interface and what is the best experience for the end user. According to Richard, will be released in the coming weeks with the first release, in the format Flatpak at the Flathubthus enabling installation in virtually every district.

With this, we are seeing companies increasingly worry about making life easier for those who choose to use Linuxin this case the double Dell and Red Hat, but that will benefit everyone. Maybe we won't see other companies doing this, like Razer, Logitech and so many others. It would be wonderful if that happened.

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