New app ensures all your iPhone contacts have up-to-date photos

By default, if you don't add photos to your contacts manually, iPhone fills the avatar space with a gray circle with the person's initials. But what if there was a way to put pictures of them all with a few taps?

Vignette app icon - Update Contact Pics

It was on this project that developer Casey Liss worked over the last three months to launch the app Vignette.

Fully automated, Vignette scans your contacts and searches for their photos registered in Gravatar or used on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; obviously, I need this data to be recorded in people. If more than one photo is found, it gives you the option to choose the one you prefer.

This whole process can be done for free. You only have to pay (a one-time fee of $ 18.90 via internal purchase) if you want to start actually applying avatars to your contacts. For such practicality, the price is excellent.

Liss warrants that she focused a lot on the privacy aspect when developing the app, with no contact data sent to any remote server. All the processing is done locally on iPhone and I don't need to log in to any site.

Too good! 👏🏼

via MacStories