New Android phone from Optimus

New Android phone from Optimus

Optimus San Francisco has been on sale since this week, the new smartphone Optimus’ own brand name, which joins the portfolio of terminals with Android operating system provided by the Portuguese operator.

The new model offers a “capacitive screen multitouch“3.5 inch, 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access and a 600Mhz processor.” With the same screen dimensions as the iPhone 4, the Optimus San Francisco Android could be the smartphone ideal for viewing multimedia content, whether videos or photos “, suggests the operator.

San Francisco features include GPS with digital compass, Mp3 player, FM radio, accelerometer and proximity sensor.

With 114mm in length, 56 in width, 11.9 mm in thickness and 110gr in weight, the phone offers a battery life of up to four hours in talk time and up to 200 hours in standby time. The internal memory is 512MB, and a 2GB memory card is also included.

San Francisco has a recommended price of 199.90 euros, which may cost less 10 euros (189.90 euros) if purchased through the Optimus online store.

It should be noted that the new phone uses version 2.1 of the Google operating system, which promises a better user experience and graphics.

Editorial Note: The information regarding the size of the telephone has been corrected.