Alert on 32-bit app on macOS High Sierra

New alert for macOS High Sierra informs users about 64-bit transition

This is hardly a novelty. As we already reported, Apple gave the first warning at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017 about the fact that the current Mac operating system, macOS High Sierra, is the last software to support applications engineered by 32 bits. At the launch of macOS 10.13.4, we also commented on this issue.

Just yesterday, Apple published a support article about this transition. In it, the company mentions that all recent Macs have powerful processors with technology 64-bit, and that its main difference (when compared to 32-bit ones) is the much lower memory consumption and performance improvements. In addition, she mentions that:

The technologies that define the Mac experience today – like Metal graphics acceleration – work only with 64-bit applications. To make sure that the applications used are as advanced as the Mac on which you run them, all the next Mac software will necessarily be 64-bit.

In addition to the note released, Apple also posted a report on the App Store developer page.

While developers are updating their applications to this format, Apple has decided to give a warning to its consumers by means of an alert – which appears when an application built in 32-bit is opened, only once – stating that the software is not optimized for the Mac, however, can be used in the same way, at least for now.

Alert on 32-bit app on macOS High Sierra

The company does not provide a deadline by which all applications with 32-bit technology will no longer work, however, it suggests that users contact the developers of their favorite applications to learn more about the change, if it has not been made. still. The schedule defined at WWDC17 detailed that, as of January this year, all new applications should already have the 64-bit structure, and by June 2018 all applications submitted to the Mac App Store (and their updates) should be with this architecture.

To check whether an application installed on your Mac is already 64 bit or not, just go to the menu bar, under About This Mac »System Report…, go to the area Software »Applications and, in the list that appears, check if there is “Yes” in the column “64 Bits (Intel)”, on the right. If it says “No”, the app in question is still 32-bit and will need to be updated soon.