Confirmed: new AirPods will support the "Hey, Siri" command

new AirPods will support the «Hey, Siri» command

Confirmed: new AirPods will support the "Hey, Siri" command

There’s no one for anyone: it’s Apple dropping a new iOS beta, it falls into the hands of the Brazilian hacker / developer Guilherme Rambo and then, friends, some secrets will end up leaking. Like this one, here:

So Siri with the AirPods

Rambo discovered, in the bowels of iOS 12.2 beta codes, a configuration screen for the awaited new AirPods which confirms that at least one of two new features will support the command “What’s up, Siri” («Hey, Siri»).

The configuration of the command will be a new step in the initial configuration wizard of AirPods, and seeks to make the headphones only respond to the phrase if it is said by the owner (and not by any voice).

This news, specifically, has been rumored for some time and was even a controversial keynote theme that Apple made last September. Right at the opening of the event, a good-natured video recorded at Apple Park clearly showed an Apple “employee” using the remote when talking to her AirPods.

Well, here: as the news is already being implemented in iOS 12.2, it shouldn’t take that long to see the launch of the second generation of AirPods. ?



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