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New AirPods may arrive this year with support for the "Hey Siri" command; water resistant version would arrive in 2019

If the period following the announcement of the Airpods surrounded by polemics and nose-wraps, Apple can proudly say that it has managed to (almost) totally win over its consumers after the release of its wireless headsets, which have become one of its biggest hits of recent times.

This, of course, has been surprising for some time, but the headphones were released over a year ago, in December 2016. Now, as it should be, there are already a lot of people in Cupertino thinking about their next steps and we We should see the fruits of this work very soon.

Who brings the news to Bloomberg: According to sources close to the subject, Apple will update AirPods as often as it brings news to its main product lines, such as the iPhone (ie, annually), which, above all, is a testament to how satisfied Ma is with the performance of her headphones.

The second version of the small accessory, internally named B288, will arrive later this year, equipped with a new, more powerful and intelligent wireless chip, replacing the current W1, as well as an anticipated new feature: “E a, Siri” voice command support. This will no longer require you to tap one of the headphones twice to activate the digital assistant; only the user's voice will be enough to evoke it, as it does on iOS devices, HomePod, and various Android devices with Google Assistant.

What's more, a third generation of AirPods, to be launched possibly in 2019, would bring water resistance so your users can walk in the rain more easily and not worry so much about sweat. The idea would not be to make them totally waterproof (ie no swimming pool or anything), but to make it more durable and fit for those splashing situations and the like.

The question now is, of course, whether Apple will stick with the plans and when they will see the light of day. The launch of the updated case, with AirPower charger support, may be a good time, but can Ma get the second generation of its wireless headphones ready in time? We'll have to wait and see.