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New AirPod Case Should Be Compatible with Any Qi Charger

Apparently, Apple is now really short of finally putting the wireless charger Airpower in the market and with it, also reach the AirPods updated case that will support wireless recharging. Well now the Chinese site Chongdiantou The same one that spiked the imminent release of AirPower next month brings good news (Google Translate) about the new case of Apple headphones.

According to sources close to Ma's supply chain, the new AirPods case will, like the latest iPhones, be compatible with any wireless charger. Qi technology that is, basically all available on the market today, which is great news from a practical standpoint.

There was (and still rumors may prove false after all) a concern that the new case would only be compatible with AirPower's “special” loading technology, but apparently this is not the case. The belief exists because there are precedents in Cupertino: Apple Watch, after all, uses proprietary wireless charging technology that does not allow the watch to be recharged on an accessory other than Apple's official charger, any other company-certified, or (in the future) AirPower.

We'll have to wait to find out what Ma's real plans are and what price the company will charge current AirPod owners to swap their cases for the updated models, which remains a harrowing mystery to many headset users around the world. . We will be connected.

via MacRumors