New 3.8.1 Kernel for Ubuntu and Derivatives

New 3.8.1 Kernel for Ubuntu and Derivatives

New Kernel with graphics card driver enhancement, will we install?

But already? I had just installed the other one …

The reason, according to the developers, was that there were some bugs (which the average user barely notices) in open source drivers for AMD, Intel, and NVidia video cards.

Linux 3.8.1 Kernel Installation

cd / tmp

wget http://dl.dropbox/u/47950494/upubuntu/kernel-3.8.1 -The kernel-3.8.1

chmod + x kernel-3.8.1

sudo sh kernel-3.8.1

sudo reboot

OMG bugged everything!

Calm young Skywalker, you can remove the kernel with the command:

sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.8.1 *

And don't forget to update GRUB so that it recognizes the new entries:

sudo update-grub

That's All Folks =)

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