New 27 ″ iMac is disassembled by iFixit, revealing its interior beauty

New 27 ″ iMac is disassembled by iFixit, revealing its interior beauty

Just yesterday, while disassembling the Magic Mouse, the guys at iFixit already promised that the new iMac would be their next victim. Well, said and done: here's the process of opening and dissecting each part that makes Apple's new all-in-one desktop provide mountains of AWESOME.

Right away, they reveal a rotten Ma that no one has noticed until now: in almost all images of the iMac on Apple they show it working, but without an outside cable. Does he use magic batteries? Hehehe. Well, the fantastic desktop screen is covered with glass that goes from end to end and is kept in place for months; very little care, when removing it detail for the fact that the analyzed unit had this glass slightly misaligned; What about quality control?

There was also a complaint that, after more than four years, the iMac's SuperDrive no longer sounds so “super”; technically it is possible to exchange it for a “punching bag”, but it would be impossible to run protected content on Mac OS X using Boot Camp only to watch Blu-ray movies, I believe, overkill. I wouldn't complain if they put an extra HD to use with Time Machine, considering that the connection is used SATA.

Other noteworthy points are: although it can function as an external monitor (via adapter not included, say), the iMac needs to be completely turned on; the wider format allowed for a greater separation between CPU and GPU, as you can see above (note the huge heat bays), and because of that, Intel desktop processors started to be used in previous iMacs were essentially notebooks rearranged to stay with desktop face. Ah, a curiosity: the new body of the machine entirely built in aluminum, except for the Apple logo on the back and just behind that plastic part that is the antenna of the AirPort.

For more details and slightly disturbing images of the 27 ″ iMac, you can pay a visit to the iFixit “hostel”. Finally, I leave the following comment: lowering the iMac's chin was the best thing that could have happened. Less space for Post-Its, but _much_ more space for Stickies.