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New 17-inch MacBook Pro is dissected; check out a photo of its version with a matte screen

As soon as the new 17-inch MacBooks Pro began shipping to consumers, iFixit he put his hands on one and dissected it whole. The coolest thing is to check out the new long-life sealed battery, which is not as difficult to replace, as expected. It weighs 570 grams, approximately 20% of the entire weight of the machine.

17 dissected MacBook Pro

Apple has already announced that it will charge $ 180 to do the battery replacement service for the new MBP, but the same article from iFixit it also shows you how to install a 500GB hard drive, worth $ 100. For those who like to work with electronics, it is worth taking a look.

17 dissected MacBook Pro

17 dissected MacBook Pro

Due to the change in the laptop's appearance, access to its internal components now requires a screwdriver (there are only 10 screws at the bottom). To learn how to change the RAM and HD of the MacBook Pro, check out this PDF manual (3.2MB) made available by Apple. The battery change (of 12,820mAh!), It is good to note, is not considered something that a common user can do.

Diagram of the new 17-inch MacBook Pro

The article also notes that Apple chose to use black, wide rubber feet on the new MacBooks Pro unibody, instead of the little ones I used before. In addition, for those curious about planting, both memory slots come equipped with DDR3 1067MHz chips of 2GB each (totaling 4GB).

17 dissected MacBook Pro

Finally, here is a picture of one of the new MBPs with a matte screen (matte):

17 matte macbook pro

As Apple had already made clear in its presentation at Macworld Expo, whoever chooses this version does not have an additional layer of glass on the front and neither does the black border characteristic of its glossy displays (glossy).

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