Never hurts: See a demo of Ubuntu for Android

See Ubuntu for Android at Work.

The integration between the Ubuntu open source operating system and the mvelAndroid platform seems to be getting closer and closer. A video posted on YouTube last week shows Canon Collins developer Richard Collins demonstrating a Motorola Atrix 2 smartphone running the alternate system. Ubuntu Android (Photo: Reproduo / OMG Ubuntu)Ubuntu for Android up and running (Photo: Reproduo / OMG Ubuntu)

The images show Atrix connected to a dock that takes the phone's image to a monitor via an HDMI cable, for the demonstration to be viewed at a larger size. The process is done as follows: The device is running a Linux kernel that hosts Android and Ubuntu at the same time. When the HDMI connection is made, Ubuntu takes over the actions and becomes the dominant system.

The video has nearly 50,000 views on YouTube and has become a hit with Linux and Android fans. The expectation is that smartphones may soon have the option of running Google's system when they are on the road and transitioning to Ubuntu when they are connected to a monitor at home, turning into a desktop.

Remember that Canonical announced in February that there is indeed a project to merge the two operating systems, allowing devices to run both Ubuntu and Android, depending on the circumstances. This video is further proof that this idea is already at an advanced stage of development and could become a reality later this year, as platform developer Mark Shuttleworth had warned.