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Netflix series launches in 2020 [Lista Completa]

If you like watching serials, you are certainly waiting for a season release, or want to see a complete list of series launches on Netflix in 2020.

That's the case, keep reading the article and check the most anticipated ones, in addition to a calendar at the end of the page!

The most anticipated

1. Vikings (Season 6)

Vikings is one of the best Netflix series and also one of the most anticipated series launches on Netflix in 2020. It is a historic series that draws inspiration from the Nordics and early medieval Scandinavia.

Follow the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok, his family, descendants and crew. Season 6 is the final, and will be available to watch from February 6 through the link.


2. Locke & Key (1 season)

Locke & Key is a new Netflix series that is based on a comic book story of the same name – check here how to read it on your Android -. It has a supernatural horror theme and follows three of us after his father's murder.

They move to their ancestral home in Massachusetts and discover that it has magic keys that give them powers and abilities. However, a demon wants them too. Be available to watch from 2/7 on Netflix, which has one of the best apps for watching movies and series.

3. Narcos: Mexico (season 2)

This is another of the most anticipated series launches on Netflix in 2020. It explores the origin of the modern drug war, starting from when Mexican drug dealers were a set of disorganized criminals.

It dramatizes the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel in the 1980s, with its leader uniting drug dealers to build an empire. Watch from 2/13 on the streaming service, through the link.

4. The Telephone Operators (1 part of the 5 season)

The series As Telefonistas tells the life change that four young women experience when they start working for a modern telecommunications company, which opened in Madrid in 1928.

The four have strong connections to different things: their families, their partners or their memories. It focuses on the difficulties that women faced working in the 1920s. Check it out on Netflix, where you can also watch movies, starting on 2/14.

Telephonists series launches on Netflix in 2020

5. Spectros (1 season)

Spectros is a Brazilian series that is about to be released on Netflix, one of the best sites for watching movies on February 20. It will be a mixture of Brazilian history and folklore, with elements of Japanese ghosts. It takes place in the Liberdade neighborhood, in So Paulo.

It tells the story of five teenagers accidentally attracted by a supernatural reality that they do not understand, which connects to the same place in 1858. Watch through the link as soon as it is released!

6. Better Call Saul (season 5)

Among the series launches on Netflix in 2020, we have Better Call Saul, one of the most popular series on Netflix. a Breaking Bad spin-off and follows the character Saul Goodman, starting six years before the Breaking Bad events.

Saul is a lawyer who is trying to make his name following a legal career in Albuquerque. It shows his ties to other characters, like Mike Ehrmantraut. To be released on 2/24 on Netflix.

7. I Am Not Okay With This (1 season)

This is a series of the same creators of The End of The F *** ing World, one of the best teen series on Netflix, which is based on a comic of the same name.

Follow Sydney, a teenager navigating the difficulties of high school while dealing with the complexities of her family, her sexuality and superpowers that I am beginning to appear. Be available to watch from 2/26 through the link.

I Am Not Okay With This series launches on Netflix in 2020

8. Queen Sleep (1 season)

Queen Sono is Netflix's first South African series and is on the list of the most anticipated series launches on Netflix in 2020. It follows the story of Queen Sono, played by Pearl Thusi, an elite spy who must stop criminal activities while dealing with crises in her personal life.

To watch this series, which will certainly be excellent, follow the link from February 28th.

9. Word of mouth (1 season)

The second Brazilian series on this list, Boca a Boca does not yet have a set launch date. It takes place in a rural cattle ranch town, where an epidemic outbreak of an infection transmitted by the kiss puts teenagers in a panic.

It portrays the desires of a connected youth, in a reality filled with fear and suspicion. Still has no link to Netflix

10. Dark (season 3)

Dark one of the most viewed series in 2019, with a mysterious and macabre premise. It takes place in a small fictional town, Winden, Germany and follows four families, with all their secrets being revealed.

The third season will continue to explore the mysteries of time travel and interdimensional revealed in previous seasons. It does not have an official launch date, but it is speculated that it will be on June 27, since that date represents the beginning of the last cycle, in series. Watch previous seasons via the link.

Dark series launches on Netflix in 2020

Netflix series launch schedule in 2020
















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So, what did you think of our Netflix series launch schedule in 2020?

Let us know in the comments if it was useful for you or if you think we forgot something that you’re waiting for and you know it will come out. Do not forget to check, also the best anime of 2019.