Netflix says not concerned about competition from Apple and Disney

In less than two weeks, the Netflix attended the official announcement of two services that can, over time, consolidate as its main competitors: the Apple TV + it's the Disney +. The giant of streamingHowever, it seems not to be very distressed by the news.

At the company's last financial results conference held yesterday (4/16), the CEO Reed Hastings He said Netflix is ​​"excited to compete" with new Apple and Disney services, adding that the two companies represent "global consumer brands" and that their investments in the series and original films will only strengthen the market. and empower content creators.

The executive also said the transition currently seen by the entertainment market from a purely linear consumption to on-demand services, gigantic in a way that Netflix will not be affected by the entry of two strong competitors.

In addition, Hastings believes that the type of content displayed by each platform will be quite different, and consumers will have attractive options across all services. Because of this, says the CEO, there is no expectation on Netflix that the arrival of Apple TV + and Disney + will cause a shake in the company's revenues.

Obviously, the talk is purely speculative and may be an overly optimistic response to appease shareholders / investors, but the fact that Netflix really has the ball: at the same conference, the giant announced that it reached 148.9 million subscribers by around the world, with nearly 10 million new users added in the last quarter.

Hastings has not commented on Apple's decision not to (yet) disclose the Apple TV + monthly price or the extremely competitive Disney + rate ($ 7 per month in the US) worth noting that, recently, Netflix has made a relatively drastic readjustment to its values ​​around the world.

Is the CEO right, or is the optimism at Netflix so exaggerated? We'll have to wait and see.

via 9to5Mac