Netflix gets high quality audio; Instagram quiz that hides likes; Plex and Moment are also updated

Some very famous apps from the App Store got some great news, check it out!


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If you are a wallet audiophile or just a very keen person on the sound quality of everything you watch, you'll like this one. Netflix has reported that it is now improving the audio quality of its content through a new feature called high quality audio (high quality audio).

According to the company, high quality audio offers a closer experience than the content creators hear in the studio. “Every little detail captured for a richer and more intense experience,” says Netflix. If the user has some internet connection limitation or something intrinsic to the device itself used the feature adapts so that you have the best possible audio according to capacity (something quite similar to what already happens with the quality of the video, for example). example, but not with audio).

Technically speaking, most TVs that support 5.1 or Dolby Atmos channels are capable of receiving this new audio. As we speak, depending on the device and the bandwidth capacity, the bitrate may range from 192kbps (good) to 640kbps (optimal / perceptually transparent) on 5.1 channels, and from 448kbps to 768kbps on Dolby Atmos (in this case only if you are a subscriber to the plan). Premium, which costs $ 45.90 per month).

Here's a video explaining everything:

The news benefit, for example, who watches the content by Apple TV 4K.


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The news from Instagram does not stop. Today we have a few things to comment that have been implemented in the app.

Instagram news

The first one is "Donation Sticker". As its name implies, because it is possible to raise money for non-profit organizations, of course, shared by Stories. The news, for now, is available only in the United States.

Instagram news

The second is a new design for the camera, including “Creation Mode” (which offers an easier way to share without a photo or video). This new camera makes it simple to use popular creative tools such as questions, polls, interactive stickers, etc.

Instagram news

The third has to do with the possibility of buying things within Instagram. From next week, users will be able to buy looks of content creators without leaving the app. Instead of taking a screenshot or requesting product details in comments or DirectJust tap to see exactly what the person in question is wearing and buy everything in a good way.

The question remains whether this news is global or restricted to the US (Instagram did not comment); What we do know, however, is that the feature will start being tested by the network with some breeders (including the Brazilian Camila Coelho) next week.

Instagram news

Starting next week, too, Instagram will begin to make an interesting test in Canada: removing the total number of likes in photos and video views on the timeline, permanent links, and profiles. The idea is for followers to focus on photos and shared videos, not how many likes they have. Still according to the company, only a small percentage of Canadian users will be added to the test. We'll see how to be receptive to it.

Finally, we have measures that try to curb the practice of bullying. Currently, the only way to block a person is to completely eliminate their access to a specific account. But Instagram is testing new ways, such as just preventing such a person from commenting and being able to configure the interaction level of people with third party accounts (who knows, for example, the ability to “hide” the user he still has access to content but his comments appear only to himself).

Also being tested is an alert that is sent as soon as Instagram detects that a comment may be aggressive (even before it is posted while it is still being written). The idea is not to prevent the comment from being published, but to alert the person who is writing so that they can think about whether or not to post it.


Plex app icon: Movies, TV, Music + more

Three good news have been implemented in this beautiful app: Split view and Slide over on iPads; possibility of turning off the auto play when casting everything to Chromecast; Finally, the subtitle position setting can be changed by transmitting to players compatible and for Chromecast.


Moment - Pro Camera app icon

Finally, this beautiful photographic app that was created to be used with homonymous lenses, but which has come to life itself has great news.

O Focus peaking gives you the option to adjust focus in both photo and video mode. When using manual focus, the edges of the highest (and therefore most sharp) contrast are highlighted in green. Already the option Zebra stripes (“Zebra Stripes”) is designed to allow you to see a visual representation of areas that are under or overexposed so you can adjust camera settings.

via MacRumors, TechCrunch, Tecnoblog