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Netflix for iOS wins new player; Documents, VLC and Deezer are also updated.

Developers have got their hands dirty in recent days: yesterday we posted some good news on App store, and today we have one more quartet of popular apps updated with changes or new features. Let's go to them!


Netflix app icon

The platform app for streaming Most popular in the world is making changes more precisely in one of its most elemental parts: the breeder.

New Netflix Player for iOS

Already in tests with some users over the last few months, the player Renewed takes some lessons from YouTube by placing the controls in the center of the most accessible media. We have buttons to go back or forward ten seconds, but these actions can be performed more easily by double tapping the left or right side of the screen respectively.

The new player brings even faster access to the episode list and the audio and subtitle menu, as well as getting you to the next chapter of your favorite series even faster with the "Next Episode" button.


Deezer app icon: Listen to Music and Podcast

More news in the universe of streaming That's now in the music segment. O Deeezer recently released an update that completely renews its watchOS app possibly to stay on par with Spotify, which (finally) released its own Apple Watch app last week.

With the update, the clock app now brings direct access to recently played tracks (on any device), favorite music and recommendation service Flowwhich is based on artificial intelligence tools. Certainly a much more robust range of options than Spotify's watchOS app.

Readdle Documents

Readdle Documents app icon

Readdle also brought good news to one of the best solutions (sorry, Archives) for storing, managing and viewing / playing miscellaneous files on your iPhone or iPad.

O Documents It now has photo albums, which allow you to view photos more easily not only on iPhone / iPad but also on Mac, PC or even a TV just go to docstransfer in any browser, scan the QR code of your album and See your images wherever you want. The great feature, for example, to show off your travel photos without having to plug your Mac into a TV or something.


VLC for Mobile app icon

Finally, one of the most beloved media players in the public has also gained its dose of novelties. To begin, the VLC for Mobile It is now fully adapted to the new iPads Pro, with support for external displays and Face ID for protected files.

In addition, the update brings all devices double-tapping to fill a full-screen content (or revert to their default view); forward or backward ten-second gestures are still available, but you now need to double-tap the sides of the screen to activate them. You can also make multiple file selections in iCloud Drive.