Netflix for iOS now smartly deletes and downloads next episode

The app Netflix Just gained a very good feature and that help a lot of users of the platform. Only the Smart Downloads.

Smart Downloads on Netflix

You should know that for some time it has been possible to download movies and series is very useful for when you are traveling by plane or you know you will spend a few days in a place without connection (or with a very bad connection). Often, however, those episodes can end up on your device and you just forget about it. With this new feature, this does not happen.

The tool deletes the last watched episode and, better than that, automatically downloads the following. This, of course, if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network after all, the idea will not end your data plan.

More than worrying about 3G / 4G spending, it's the ultimate tool to help you manage the space available on your device's memory. If you don't like the Smart Downloads, you can simply disable the feature and download it manually, as you probably have already done.

I don't even have to update the app to take advantage of the new iOS: everything is already working. Note that Android and Windows 7 devices have had this same feature for some time.

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