Netflix confirms season 2 of the Nordic series Ragnarok

Ragnarok season 2 announcement banner. Source: seewhatsnext (Twitter)Ragnarok season 2 announcement banner. Source: seewhatsnext (Twitter)

After being very successful in its first season, the Nordic series Ragnarok has the second season recently confirmed by Netflix. The production is one of several with original content from the streaming platform, showing that the company is getting better at what it is doing (The Irishman was nominated for an Oscar, for example).

Ragnarok a drama set in Norway, designed by Adam Price and produced by SAM Productions. The series is only the second set in Nordic countries and is already among the most popular in the region.

Netflix renews Ragnarok and series having a second season

In just over a month, Netflix simply announced that Ragnarok's second season is already underway. The streaming platform published several photos of scenes to reveal the surprise. The See What's Next profile on Twitter (official Netflix ad account) posted only one image.

Netflix's NX account, dedicated to science fiction and anime, posted four images revealing Ragnarok's second season.

You probably shouldn't be finding the renewal for a second season a big surprise due to the series' success. Ragnarok's trailer already has 4.2 million views on the international Netflix channel on YouTube, while on the Brazilian channel we have 850,000 views.

Character Magne Seier from the Norwegian series Ragnarok. Source: NXOnNetflix (Twitter)Character Magne Seier from the Norwegian series Ragnarok. Source: NXOnNetflix (Twitter)

According to information on the Statista website, there are more than 750 thousand Netflix subscribers in Norway. The original series of the streaming platform is only the second set in the country and the audience is expected to be high in the Scandinavian country. If we include the other Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden), we will have a total of 4 million subscribers.

What to expect from the second season of Ragnarok on Netflix (beware, spoiler)

In the climax scenes of the first season, we had Magne finally fighting against the giant Vidar, leader of the Jutul family. Only when all seemed to be lost did Magne manage to invoke Thor's power, summoning a great lightning bolt. The moment the lightning hit the fighting arena, Magne was knocked unconscious, but it is not known what happened to Vidar.

It is believed that Magne will fight at some point with the remaining Jutuls, even with Fjor wanting to be a better person. The Jutul family is the only one made up of giants that we have seen so far, however if Vidar's death has a devastating impact on his race, they can wait for some giants and gods to appear. Thor's son is discovering his powers little by little and it is likely that he will become even stronger.

Laurits proved to have a somewhat joky personality, leading us to believe that he would be the embodiment of Loki. If he gains powers in the second season, it is very likely that we will see quite a chaos. If we look at who Loki in Nordic mythology, we will see that he is the "God of cheating". It is believed that there will still be a conflict between Magne and Laurits if their true identity is revealed.

Source: whats-on-netflix

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