Netflix? Apple's targets would be pay-TV services, in fact

Much is said about Apple's original film and series projects, whose information is popping up day after day on the Internet and in which the company has invested more than $ 1 billion. This torrent of news about “Apple Studios” implies that Ma's original content will be the epicenter of her strategy for the audiovisual world, which is to be unveiled next Monday. According to RecodeHowever, not quite.

A report published by the site about Apple's plans said the company's strategy consists of two fronts. The first is precisely the original content, which should debut sometime in 2019. But it would not be the main one: the real intention of Ma to face the operators of cable TVby offering digital "channel" packages at reduced prices.

That is, according to the sources heard by Recode, Apple has no plans to compete with Netflix in the original content area so its series and movies would be more of a "bonus" than the main draw for consumers. What would really attract subscribers would be offering these packages (with, say, services from HBO, Showtime and Starz, to name three US broadcasters with digital platforms) at significant discounts.

The Apple TV app would be the center of this strategy, and the “channels” included in the packages would have deep integration with it, so Apple can give the consumer an overview of everything they have access to watch at that time, with information. accurate and accurate reproduction, search and recommendation features.

Apple's strategy is clear and very similar to what it is doing on Apple News: the idea is to attract digital platforms, offering its formidable existing user base and visibility of such a service, and make money at a fat fee. price of these signatures. The control of Cupertino's company would be such that it would be responsible for determining the prices of the packages offered, not the services of third parties.

In fact, the company is already doing something similar on the TV app only on an individual basis, with each service being offered separately; Another important change from what we currently have would be that Apple itself would host and transmit the content contracted by the user.

In other words, if you subscribe to a (hypothetical, of course) package containing Telecine Play and HBO GO, the movies from both services would be played on the Apple TV app itself, coming from an Apple's own server, no more redirect you to each platform's own app. This gives even more Ma power, since “primary” access to audience data will be hers.

Does it work?

Defending Jacob

Since we're talking about Apple's audio-visual platform, it's easy to report the latest additions to the cast of one of its series, Defending Jacob, as brought by Hollywood Reporter.

Michelle Dockery and Jaeden Martell

Who joined the protagonist Chris Evans was the actress Michelle Dockeryfrom Downton Abbey and the young actor Jaeden Martell, who was recently on “It A Coisa”. In the series, Dockery plays the wife of Evans, the small-town prosecutor who discovers that his own son (Martell) is the prime suspect in the murder of a colleague.

The series, based on best seller by William Landry, written and directed by screenwriter Mark Bomback ("Planet of the Apes – The War"), while director Morten Tyldum ("The Imitation Game") directs all of his episodes. There is no release date yet, of course.

via Apple World Today, MacRumors