Nero Streaming Player is a simple and easy option to stream content from your iPhone / iPad to a Smart TV

Remember Nero? The utility for recording CDs and DVDs (and many other things) may have been kind of left behind with the gradual death of physical media, but The Nero AG, the German company that produces the software, in this case remains firm and strong doing these and other things. One of them Nero Streaming Player, a very useful application for iOS designed to transmit content from iGadget directly to a Smart TV, which recently got a good update.

Nero Streaming Player app icon

The app really simple which initially counts in favor of it. On the home screen, the user chooses whether to play media from the device itself or from a PC connected to the same network (which is possible with the help of Nero MediaHome, software that must be installed on the computer in question only for Windows, unfortunately). When selecting “Play from this device”, the screen is divided into three lower tabs: photos, videos and music, each related to its type of media, obviously. From there, just select the desired media and touch the “transmit” button in the lower right corner to send the content to a Smart TV (with DLNA support, which basically all have) connected to the same Wi-Fi network . That simple!

In my tests with an iPhone 5c and a Smart TV from LG, with webOS, the whole thing worked without problems, but there are some points to be improved in the app. First, the app detects only content saved locally on the iOS device; that is, you will have to redeem and download any desired media from the cloud, and if you listen to music through streaming even Apple Music, stay out of the game (only songs synced to iPhone / iPad or downloaded from iTunes Match are detected).

Furthermore, in the specific case of the photos, the thing is much less fluid than is acceptable. The most recent update of the app allows zoom and rotation in the images, but with each small manipulation, a notorious loading ball goes into action, and the changes are reflected only seconds later on the TV screen. Not at all dynamic.

In the end, Nero Streaming Player is an option for those who want to stream content to Smart TV with the greatest possible simplicity, which brings, of course, advantages and disadvantages. If on the one hand it is very easy to put the app into action, on the other, its spartan character brings considerable limitations in terms of supported content and speed of operation. Anyway, it's worth a look. It is available for free on the App Store, for iPhones and iPads.

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