Nearbee is an app / social network that allows you to interact with others close to you

We need to recognize that social networks are great tools for communication. We can get in touch with different people, including those on the other side of the world. But despite this possibility of connecting people, what often happens is a distancing that people do not interact as personally as they used to.

to try to change this reality a little bit that the app Nearbee was raised.

Nearbee & Alfabee app icon

Nearbee is a georeferenced social network that allows users to interact in order to to share or meet different information according to where they are. Using the Google Maps feature and your device's GPS, the app recognizes your location and shows the interactions that nearby users have sent.

When you tap the bee icon on the home screen, you choose a category and write what you want. On this screen, you can select your exact location (or any other, just point on the map) and define the time and day that the interaction ends, as well as visibility (public or directed to a specific group).

Among the categories available in the application are:

  • Speak something: a normal publication;
  • Doing business: sell, buy, exchange, offer or ask for services, etc .;
  • Help or ask for help: borrow, donate, ask for help, ask a question, ride, etc .;
  • Interact and entertain: playing sports, talking about, company for, etc .;
  • Inform and warn: suspicions and complaints, urgent alerts, report problems and disclose legal things.

Nearbee, emergency app

Knowing its great potential, the app's developers took it to a much higher and more noble level by adding options for emergencies. Within the application, it is possible to call the authorities and notify those who are close by the emergency icon on the main screen (in a red bell). When selecting it, a timer starts counting (in seconds) and you can talk about what's going on while an audio is automatically being recorded. When the time is up, a distress call is sent if it was a test or mistake, just click on your interactions and end it.

To register for the app, you can choose to sign in with your Facebook account, phone or email. Like any social network, you can add and call friends, create interaction groups (family, city, condominium, church, etc.) and also chat. A unique feature of the app is the selection of “angels”, that is, people you trust and those who will be notified first if you send a distress call.

With a much greater focus on security, they also launched the Alfabee, a small device that allows you to call for help or report a theft just by pressing a button. With him, it is also possible to hire the Monitorbee, which helps to monitor you in risky situations like walking on a deserted street or storing your car in the garage.

The idea is fantastic, but because it is a social network, it is important that you download and also share the application that is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. 😉