Navigate the classic Finder style with this Mac emulator

Navigate the classic Finder style with this Mac emulator

It may seem like a lifetime since Apple launched its first operating systems, which were intended to facilitate the user's experience with computers and transform the way people interact with technology.

Many people probably had no contact with Ma's classic systems, but those who did know how practical it was to navigate between folders and files in what is not today, due to the simplicity of icons and the few aesthetic resources that were used.

Were you wondering what it was like to browse the Mac at that time? How Classic Mac OS FinderIt is possible to open a classic Finder window and explore your modern Mac's folders and files in the retro style.

Classic Mac OS Finder

The emulator, created by developer Ben Szymanski, is part of an open source project that aims to recreate the experience of the Macintosh and the classic Finder in modern versions of macOS. Being in development, the app does not yet offer a complete experience of the classic Apple system, however it is now possible to browse and even open Mac files through the app.

This project is intended to be a functional recreation of the classic Finder for Mac OS. Now, you can experience a pixel-by-pixel clone of the original Macintosh Finder on your modern Mac. This application was developed in Objective-C and Cocoa.

Classic Mac Finder is available for macOS versions 10.11 or later. After downloading, just run the .dmg file and open the Classic Finder app. If a window with an alert message appears, click "Open" to start the application.

via OS X Daily