IDC data

National PC sales grow 61.4% in the 2nd quarter

Between April and June this year, 474,966 computers were sold on the Portuguese market, of which 378,300 were portable. The figures represent a 61.4 percent growth in sales, according to data determined by IDC. In notebooks, growth was 66.6 percent and in the desktop computer segment 43.9 percent, although the total number of PCs sold is significantly less than that of notebooks.

The market research company stresses the importance of government e-school and e-school programs in the sale of equipment, which is once again in a counter-cycle with Western Europe, where the numbers reveal a drop in sales of around 2, 5 percent for the same period.

The impact of these programs on the market’s performance is also visible by the divergence in sales to the residential and business markets. The first grew 124.8 percent in the period, compared to 0.87 percent in the corporate market, which continues to postpone investment decisions.

Leading the market is JP Sá Couto, the technological partner for the Magalhães notebook. The northern company sold 124,000 equipment between April and June, accumulating a market share of 26.1 percent. Compared to the same quarter last year, the company increased sales by 913.4 percent. Focusing the analysis only on the portable market, JP Sá Couto’s sales increased in the period by 2027.4 percent, to 118 thousand units sold, which is worth almost a third of the market, in terms of share.

HP occupies the second position in the ranking relative to the total market (desktop and portable) – and the leader in the sale of desktops – with 110,300 units sold, a growth of 23 percent.

Toshiba, which is only in the notebook segment, closes the Top 3 with an improvement in sales of around 71.8 percent to 99.3 thousand units.

Also noteworthy for Inforlândia, which in the fourth position of the table accumulates the second highest growth in the market, 221 percent to 50,300 units sold. In the notebook segment alone, Inforlândia increased sales by 234.3 percent to 48.9 thousand units.

IDC data