National Credit Card is released on the App Store

Never bought anything on the App Store because you don't have an international card? We have great news for you! No need to have an international credit card to make purchases of apps, games, movies, books or music from Apple online stores. That's right! Starting today, the company decided to allow iTunes and the App Store to accept purchases made with national cards in our country – which was previously only allowed with international flag cards.

This news was only possible thanks to the approval of a circular at the Central Bank, which regulates the national cards:

“Now, the bank transfer and the domestic or international use card can be used for this purpose […] The adoption of this system is subject to offer by the card issuer and acceptance by the customer. The option to pay the equivalent amount in reais on the date of payment of the invoice will be maintained, ”reports the Central Bank's own website in a note.

This means that, in addition to this major change to national cards, the circular will also allow customers to be charged for the equivalent amount on the day of each purchase and not only in the conversion in respect of their purchase with foreign currency. Quotation of invoice day, as it was done before. That is, if you purchased any item on the day the dollar was down, you will be charged the equivalent amount in reais following the day's low change, and not accumulated and multiplied on the day the invoice is closed. More fair in it?

Dollar kept

Remember that although Apple now accepts national credit cards, Apple still displays the prices of all items in dollars. The form of charge may vary depending on the credit card issuer, as we saw above.

About the news, several users in Brazil have reported to have been able to purchase items on the App Store and iTunes Store using their national cards, issued in Brazil. That is, the news is already in place and you can already enjoy.

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