NASA confirms that Tom Cruise will star in the first film shot in space

NASA confirms that Tom Cruise will star in the first film shot in space

Possible partnership between NASA and SpaceX will be responsible for taking Tom Cruise into space for the recording of the film

Last Monday (4th), we had the announcement of something that will certainly be a milestone in the history of cinema: the recording of the first film made in space! And, what makes it even more interesting: the first name confirmed for this project is that of Tom Cruise, steel film star and best known for the role of spy Ethan Hunt, protagonist of the franchise Mission: Impossible.

The information was initially revealed by the website deadline and, hours later, confirmed by Jim Bridenstinemanager of NASA. In a tweet about the ad, Bridenstine not only confirmed that this film recorded in space really has the presence of Tom Cruise, but also that the film will be shot on board the International Space Station (ISS).

According to initial rumors, filming will be done in a partnership with NASA with the SpaceX (billionaire eccentric aerospace company Elon Musk), but until now there is no confirmation of the participation of the Musk – even though the billionaire himself responded to the tweet from Bridenstine, commenting that this project to record a film in space should be something fun.

The speculation until the time that it will be in charge of SpaceX take the actor and the film's production team to the ISS. The company has already confirmed that it would send four civilians (that is, ordinary people, not astronauts) orbit between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, and it is possible that Cruise be one of those passengers already booked. On May 27, the ship Crew Dragon company will make its first manned flight to International Space Station, and the success of the mission should be the first step towards ambitious Musk to conquer space.

Tom Cruise in space

ISS nasaInternational Space Station will be the place where Tom Cruise will record the first feature film shot in space (Image: NASA)

For now, the entire project for this film is still in its early stages, and very little has been revealed about it. The information confirmed so far is only that it will be starring Tom Cruise and have footage taken on ISS, but the deadline also states that this is an action film that will not be part of the franchise Mission: Impossible, and that at the moment the creators are looking for a studio to buy the idea and invest in the production of the feature.

It is also not known exactly if the whole film will be recorded in space or if it will only have one or two scenes that will be performed in orbit, but it is more likely that this second option will be chosen to move forward with the project, as it would be totally It is impossible – not to mention dangerous – to send the entire production team needed to record an entire film in space, and keep them there for weeks (or even months) until the recordings are finished.

The announcement also creates even more expectations because of the confirmed presence of Tom Cruise, which takes this whole project to another level. Not only because he is a world-famous actor, but also because he is known for doing his own action scenes – and strives to always shoot increasingly extreme scenes. For example, in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Cruise climbed the Burj Khalifa (the tallest skyscraper in the world, located in Dubai) and performed acrobatics about 370 m from the ground. J in the next film (Mission: Impossible – Not Secret) He hung on a military plane taking off using only the strength of his own hands.

tom cruise mission is impossibleDespite being one of the most famous celebrities in the world, Tom Cruise is known for not using voiceovers and doing his own action scenes, as we can see in this image from the recordings of Mission: Impossible – Phantom Protocol, where the actor records acrobatics on the 123 floor of the tallest building in the world (Image: Emirates 24/7)

Thus, the expectation that Cruise further elevate the degree of difficulty of his action scenes with this trip to space, and there is the possibility that we will see not only some fight scene in a real zero gravity environment, but that the actor himself will try to force the NASA allowing you to go out on a space walk (the missions that are performed by astronauts outside the ISS). And, if that happens, Tom Cruise he would probably become the first civilian to do something like this (since hardly any other civilian would have the opportunity to do that before him).

But for now, this is just speculation, and as far as we know there is still no talk for that kind of thing to happen. And, as the project for this film is still in its early stages, there is still no date for when recording should begin or when it will hit theaters, but we will probably have more news on this in the coming months.

Source: Deadline, The Verge