Nametags hit Instagram, which gets more bullying capabilities

How about another bunch of news (or possible news) from Instagram?


After highlighting test versions of the now official feature: Instagram (finally) introduced the Nametags, ways to share your profile on the network through a "sticker" that can be read by another user with the camera of your smartphone. The tool is similar to others already introduced by Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.

Instagram nametags

The tool can be found in the side menu of your profile; you can customize your Nametag with colors, emojis, selfies and stickers. To scan a Nametagjust open the camera and swipe right or select the “scan Nametag“In the bottom menu. The feature is already available globally on iOS and Android.


In addition to making users' lives easier, Instagram is also thinking of ways to make it more psychologically healthy. The network has announced that it is introducing new tools to combat the bullying and harassment in their environment, all based on artificial intelligence.

Bullying Tools on Instagram

Instagram has for some time been able to automatically identify offensive or harassing comments and audio speech. But this feature was unique to post comments; Now it works on subtitles, comments on live broadcasts, and even on users' own photos, the tools have the ability to “read” the images and videos posted to analyze if there is any offensive or discriminatory content in them.

The announcement comes at a good time, as the United States and the United Kingdom celebrate for now the National Bullying Prevention Ms and Anti-Bullying Week respectively. The tools are already active and will help the network more easily detect and curb this kind of toxic and damning behavior, or so we hope.

Share location with Facebook

Among the good news, we also have one that can make some users wrinkle their noses: according to TechCrunch, Facebook would be testing a new privacy setting that would capture the location history from Instagram with the company to make it easier for them to target advertisements.

Instagram Instagram Location History

The news comes shortly after the resignation of Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger, Instagram creators who left Menlo Park after disagreements with Facebook's cupola about the future of the network and ways to make money from it. Basically, Facebook's proposal to take the location data collected by Instagram (if the app has this permission granted by the user) and use it for advertising purposes. Currently, Instagram doesn't even store location data, so it can't share it with Facebook.

Facebook has not confirmed the launch of the tool, but according to TechCrunch, if it is optional, users who want to participate will have to activate it manually, not the other way around. Will anyone want?

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via MacRumors, The Verge