«Mythic Quest» fails as a comedy; Adrian Paul in the cast of “See” and more

Apple TV +: "Mythic Quest" fails as a comedy;  Adrian Paul in the cast of “See” and more

If on the one hand the Apple TV + goes through another week without any release, on the other hand, the Apple cinematic universe is full of news, as we will see below.

Criticism a «Mythic Quest»

Just over a week after the launch of the newest Apple TV + comedy, «Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet», the first considerations about production began to emerge, among them an analysis made by Joe Berkowitz, of Fast Company.

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Although not a fan of video games, Berkowitz says that «Mythic Quest» it certainly “looks real”. This makes the backstage of creating the eponymous game (comedy theme) even more interesting and dynamic. In addition, he says that the series even covers an “admirable variety of issues that affect the industry”, but that the production fails precisely to be funny:

All this [o enredo] it is a breeding ground for comedy and, considering how surprisingly popular video games are, it was time to have a TV comedy in this world.

It’s just a drag that the comedy is no longer funny.

Shawn King, from The Loop, agreed with Berkowitz – stating that, despite the regrets, «Mythic Quest» is a good production:

My wife and I watched the first episode last night and this review is basically how we feel about it. I’m not saying it’s a bad show, but we didn’t laugh once during the first episode. We should laugh in a comedy.

For Berkowitz, however, there is still hope: “A little tweaking and updating should give the characters a few more notes to play […]. Perhaps version 2.0 next year will be the leap for this series, like the improvement of Mario Bros. original for Super Mario Bros. ” Check out the full review here.

Adrian Paul in «See»

While the second season of «See» is not released, we can only hope to follow the news about the mega production of Apple. According to a new report by deadline, the actor Adrian Paul will star alongside Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista in the second season of the drama.

Adrian Paul

More precisely, Paul will play Lord Harlan, the ruler of the strongest city in the kingdom where the events of the series take place.

Paul is known for his titular role as Duncan MacLeod in the series “Highlander“, From the 1990s. More recently, he participated in the CW series“ Arqueiro ”.

Apple expanding to Culver City

The Cupertino giant released a list of jobs available in the city of Culver City (in California) that suggests the expansion of the company’s audiovisual productions to the “promised land of streaming“, As disclosed by Bloomberg.

According to the news, Apple, Amazon and HBO are occupying various office and production spaces in the Californian city as they expand their film and TV operations to compete with the Netflix, which already commands multiple productions on site.

This “migration” (in relation to major production hubs, such as Hollywood) occurs because companies need to be where writers, producers and other creative talents live and work – and of course, due to the fact that the city has one meter cheapest squares in the region.

Apple, specifically, will lease nearly 12,000m² of space for its content division in a new complex developed by LPC West and Clarion Partners. The company already has other offices in Culver City for the rest of its operations / services, including Apple Music, Podcasts, Beats, etc.

Behind the scenes «Little America»

Apple released a new video of its production «Little America» (series on the history of immigrants in the United States). The new one and a half minute trailer focuses on the episode “Silence” («Silence»), which tells the story of a foreign woman who travels for a silent two-year retreat:

The writer Sian Heder (“Orange is the New Black”), also discussed the choices that were made when writing the episode. She talks about the importance of “visual cues” in an episode in which there is no dialogue between the characters:

This started to seem like a metaphor for the whole experience of coming to America. The strangeness of a silent retreat in which you are trying to understand human behavior.

All episodes of the first season of “Little America”Are now available on Apple TV +.

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