Mystery: Some People Found Coins (Yes, Money!) Inside Their MacBooks Pro [atualizado]

Mystery: Some People Found Coins (Yes, Money!) Inside Their MacBooks Pro [atualizado]

There are things in life that, at least at first, are quite complicated to explain. This is one of them.

This week a user of imgur published several images with the following caption: “I found a coin inside my MacBook Pro and I have no idea how it got there!”

Hard to explain? Without a doubt. But if it were an isolated case, that's fine (someone may have inexplicably placed the coin inside the optical drive there while the computer was at Apple or in a repair shop, for example). The problem he wasn't the first far from it!

In 2010, Greg Kilpatrick uploaded a video to YouTube showing a coin inside SuperDrive! Yes, he found the coin inside by opening the machine to put more RAM at a very happy time, when such upgrades were easily made possible. It's worth noting that in the video comments, two more people said they found a coin inside their MacBooks Pro.

In 2010, one more case this shared in the Expert Exchange.

Currency inside a MacBook Pro

Taking apart my MacBook Pro today, I found a coin under a translucent plastic shell (from SuperDrive). Has anyone ever heard of this as a kind of strange solution to something? sealed there. I am inclined to remove it. But she may be there for some reason.

In 2013, one more case. This time shared on the forum of MacRumors.

Currency inside a MacBook Pro

Try not to notice the dirt / filth on the part; What matters here is the information that the MacBook Pro was purchased directly from an Apple store in Montreal and had never before been repaired.

At about the same time, one more shared case this time, in the Reddit. The MacBook Pro owner in question opened the computer to upgrade RAM and pimba!

Currency inside a MacBook Pro

Just over seven months, one more case in the Reddit:

Currency inside a MacBook Pro

Despite the mystery, there is no standard for the size and nationality of the coin. As we can see, it has everything! 😝

So far no official explanation has emerged for this. Some have speculated that these coins may have come through the optical drive opening and stopped there somehow (kids love doing that kind of thing) now, as a coin placed in the opening would stop there, I don't know; others are finding that Apple has put the coin there deliberately, to correct some possible simple design flaw in notebooks (which I also find complicated since it would be a palliative beyond that).

O Gizmodo, who shared the story, contacted Apple to see if they are up to date and would explain this mystery that has left 2017 with a dark air. Let's follow

Update · 1/10/2017 s 18:45

Behold, we have the possible explanation: elves according to a comment in the article of Gizmodo, when MacBook SuperDrive “swallows” a CD / DVD, the hub is slightly lowered. If by chance a coin is there in the space (if a child put it without you seeing it or if even the MacBook Pro “swallowed” a coin that was in your bag due to some unusual movement) at the moment the drive “ swallows ”a CD / DVD, it can slide through a round hole in the retracting hub.

According to Cult of Mac, a formerGenius He said his co-workers already found everything inside SuperDrive's “mouth” (coins, clips, SD cards are big enough / thick to get in there, so they already found). Why? Ask your child. 😜