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Mysterious problem hits Macs Pro running Avid software; solution is on its way

Tuesday dawned troublesome for professionals in the area of video from around the world more precisely those who use Macs Pro with software from Avid. A mysterious problem has taken hold of machines around the world, preventing them from starting after a restart.

According to Variety, there is still not much information about what is causing the problem, but some users have raised the possibility that “something” is still unknown if a virus or defective code in Avid programs is corrupting some level folders. root from Unix. In general, the problem has manifested itself only in events where the machine is turned off and cannot restart; There are no cases of computers crashing during operation.

There is no consensus on which Avid software or which versions of macOS are most susceptible to the problem, but most affected users are running the software. macOS Sierra (10.12) or the High sierra (10.13). The most cited Avid program in the occurrences is Media Composer, the most used of the company.

The fact that the occurrences appear to be widespread: In a Facebook group of editors using Avid, hundreds of users reported being hit; On Twitter, several other cases have been reported by publishers and post-producers.

IMPORTANT ALERT tonight about Apple, and macOS running on Mac Pro “trash can”. DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTERS! Avid editors, apparently something is corrupting one of the Unix folders at root. Back up everything, not just servers if you are in a connected environment. Check out this Facebook page.


From what I've seen, there is currently a widespread crash of Macs with iLok / Avid. Many Los Angeles post-production houses, and even people working on programs, are seeing their Macs fail and without booting again. Engineers are researching the problem. Do not turn off your machines.

The “epidemic” was particularly felt in Los Angeleswhere thousands of area professionals use Macs Pro with Avid software to edit the huge amount of Hollywood-produced audiovisual content.

For now, the general guide for Mac Pro users running Avid software is to fully back up the machine's contents and, if possible, not to shut down or restart it until further notice.

Avid issues press release

Apple did not comment on the case, but the developer did:

Avid is aware of the reboot issue affecting Macs Pro running certain company products that came up last night. The issue is being addressed as a top priority by our engineering and support teams, who have worked hard to determine and solve the root of the problem. As we get new information, it will be immediately posted directly to our consumers, through our forums and social media platforms to solve the problem once and for all and prevent future occurrences.

Okay then. Let the causes of the problem be soon found and resolved, and if anyone has suffered from such an occurrence, be sure to post your experiences below.

via MacRumors