Mysterious Fuchsia OS Appears on Google I / O 2019

Fuchsia OS is a system from Google that is being developed "7 keys", but this year's Google I / O brought something new about it.

Wrapped in secrets and many "theories" by the general public, the Fuchsia OS a system under development by Google. Some say it will be the replacement for Android and Chrome OS, while others theorize that it works on the internet of things, however it seems that even Google has not decided the final focus of its product.


During this year's developer conference, the Google I / O 2019, several new technologies, apps and smartphones from Google were revealed. And where Fuchsia was among one of these pronouncements. Actually discreetly, however we can know a little more about the system.

In one of its pronouncements, Google unveiled the expansion of its Flutter SDK, which is a toolkit for building Android and iOS app interfaces. Common dedicated post about Flutter Google said its SDK is fully Web-enabled, and runs on systems such as Windows, macOS, and Fuchsia OS.

More revelations about Fuchsia

In a podcast interview for the site The verge, more revelations about Fuchsia came to the public. One of the participants, Hiroshi Lockheimer, head of Android and Chrome, shared some information about the system. Lockheimer explained that Fuchsia focuses on "leveraging state-of-the-art operating systems" and incorporating the concept of Fuchsia into other systems.

Talking a little more about the OS, he confirmed that Fuchsia is a completely new system, developed with all the experiences and lessons learned from all these years of Android and Chrome OS.

Lockheimer emphasized that Fuchsia is in full development, but all very new and experimental, implying the possibility that the system will not be a replacement for Android and Chrome OS, but rather focused on IoT-based products like home devices, wearables and maybe VR devices.

Already the senior vice president of Google believes that "there is a lot of room for different operating systems, with different focuses and specializations," suggesting that Fuchsia is not actually being developed to replace Google's current systems, by contrast, acting on other areas of technology.

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