MyPolis Academy: Digital project aims to transform schools in Oeiras into citizenship academies

MyPolis Academy: Digital project aims to transform schools in Oeiras into citizenship academies

At a time when the isolation derived from the pandemic of COVID-19 changed the teaching format in schools, distance learning through digital media gained a lot of strength. The Municipality of Oeiras will take advantage of this packaging to reinforce the presence of technology in schools, considering its intervention in Education as a priority. The clear objective: to make the students of the county the best in the country.

The Municipality of Oeiras is committed to supporting the development of projects and initiatives that, in concert with schools, contribute to the achievement and overcoming of the goals established in the curricular guidelines of the Ministry of Education, referred to in a statement.

The Chamber led by Isaltino Morais thus approved the support of 33,099 euros for seven school groups and one school in the group, which intend to implement the Academia MyPolis Project. The objective of this digital project is to transform schools into Citizenship Academies, as a tool for all Citizenship and Development classes.

The project is the responsibility of Spot Games, the company responsible for gamifying the educational process through the introduction of games in the classroom. An application was created for mobile and browser equipment that aims to bring citizenship to the 21st century, rewarding politicians and citizens for their participation. The project is in line with the Directorate-General for Education (DGE) Education for Human Rights, Intercultural Education, Education for the Media, and other entities.

The project will be directed to the 3rd cycle of Basic Education, focusing on the 8th year, which has the theme Citizenship and Development in the curriculum. As mentioned, for this academic year 2019/20, 39 classes from the 8 year of the different school groups in the Municipality joined the project.