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My Xbox LIVE | AndroidPIT

Microsoft is currently experiencing a type of unification process. Windows 8 users will benefit, as from now on they will be able to enjoy all the services of the American giant from just one account. Android users, in turn, will be glad to know that with your Xbox LIVE account they will be able to interact with the My Xbox LIVE app. To learn more about this news, keep reading our review today.

Functions & Usage

We have been testing Windows 8 a few days ago and can say that everything is working smoothly. Microsoft is going through a very difficult phase right now. Metro design is now a modern user interface and all its services are unified. The Xbox is an important part of this set, as multimedia services such as video and music run under the Xbox tag. But what is behind the change of this corporate brand? The fact that Microsoft hasn't been considered a cool brand in recent times, while the Xbox has grown in popularity considerably. That is, the connection between the two brands seems to be set against the backdrop of trying to draw users' attention to Microsoft again.

It is one of the attempts by all new technology giants to try to provide the largest number of their services in mobile, that is, more affordable services. Microsoft has had a large number of them that have adapted to this new phase. And My Xbox LIVE: How is it in this story? Briefly: the first solution! The app provides all the functionality you expect: typing with friends, Xbox updates and games, real games and account management.

Spotlight: This is where you will find videos about new games and all the functionality of the Xbox. The clips are in HD and the quality impresses when we see them on a Galaxy Nexus.

  • Sociability: here where you interact with friends by typing and changing your own personal avatar.
  • Games: All games connected to an Xbox Live account can be accessed here, a feature that is becoming increasingly important as apps and games are all integrated into the Xbox Live network.

Conclusion:We are particularly struck by the options of adapting the avatar itself on My Xbox LIVE, which owes nothing to the computer or Xbox regulations.

What is missing is a greater depth of account management, something that can already be done through the browser. Within the app you can only modify the name, reason, position and biographical information.

We can't deny, however, that Xbox users will find this app a gem.

Screen & Controls

My Xbox LIVE ran without any problems. The modern user interface and Microsoft provided a nice and minimalist look to the app. Who would have thought that Microsoft could launch such an attractive and individual design? The controls are very good and simple to use.

Speed ​​& Stability

My Xbox LIVE, as I said, worked without any problems. The only drawback was the Opes button in the Social category, which did not react to our commands.

Price / Performance Ratio

My Xbox LIVE is a free app and is available on the Google Play Store.