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My Hi – Functions, How to Download, How to Create a Profile and How to Use

The Minha Oi app provides convenience and convenience to all users of Oi operator. Through the app you can issue 2 way of the ticket, make refills and even report technical problems.

Learn more about My Hi, learn how to use it and get the most out of its benefits:

What My Hi?

It is the portal where Oi customers can access all information regarding their account, their package and other important things.

A mobile platform, that is, works on smartphones with iOS or Android operating system, and can also be accessed through the web. However, by application the use becomes more practical and faster.

one of the most complete telephony applications. With it is possible to contract services, take out debts, change the due date, among other utilities.


My Hi Application Features

The application list of functions is extensive. With it, you do not have to waste time calling to ask questions or register / cancel any service. Everything can be done directly in your palm.

Here's what you can do with My Hi installed on your phone:

  • 2 way of the account;
  • View or print your invoice;
  • Register your account online (to stop receiving your paper invoice);
  • Recharge credits;
  • View detailed analysis of your consumption;
  • Check the balance of the mobile account;
  • Register automatic charge;
  • Request repair of your internet, TV or landline;
  • Block your number if your phone is lost or stolen;
  • Check and exchange your Hi points;
  • Hire additional services and packages;
  • Update your registration data;
  • Change the due date of your account;
  • Monitor the installation schedule;
  • Send free SMS messages;
  • Make the registration to participate in promotions;
  • Turn off services temporarily when on holiday;
  • Cancel products and services;
  • Ask to call back a service that has been cut;
  • Online Chat with the customer service.

How to download My Hi

You must have a smartphone with Android or iOS operating system. From just go to the store (Google Play or Apple Store respectively) and type in the search My Hi.

Look for the official app developed by “Hi Apps”. When you find it, click to open the information. In this screen you will be able to check some relevant information like the comments of other users and even see the note that was attributed to its operation.

You can also check images explaining how they work and even videos.

To download, click “Install” and wait for the download to complete. The installation will be done automatically.


Creating a profile on My Hi

To access Minha Hi I need to register. And, the only requirement is to be client Hi. The app's home screen will ask for your login, which can be your social security number or email and a password. If you do not have this access yet, click "Register Now" to create a user.

Fill in the requested data to proceed. Please note that registration must be done on behalf of the account holder. In the case of a mobile or fixed customer, the telephone number will be requested. If it is HD TV, you should have the contract number (can be found on old invoices).

Once you have registered, simply login informing your CPF or email and the password you chose.

How to use My Hi

Because it has a simple, clean and intuitive interface, it is very easy to use the application Hi Hi. There are no secrets! Just open, login and enjoy!

In principle, as soon as you open the app you will already be able to observe some basic information, such as the contract numbers, the invoice, available services and others. Another possibility right from the start is to perform some actions, such as refilling or requesting any necessary service repair.

In the options you can check the quick access, easily locating the 2 way or see the detailed account.

Do more with Minha Hi

No more receiving bills at home and accumulating papers. No more queuing at lotteries and banks to pay off tickets. With the app Hi Hi you can take the 2 way or just the bar code, making the payment on your own phone, without leaving home.

If you ever had to call your carrier to get a billing question, you know how exhausting it is. With Hi you can view the detailed invoice and, if necessary, open an online chat to resolve everything without stress and without delay.