My Dock, my essential apps

My Dock, my essential apps

I did it for the first time in September 2010, then in December 2012. Now, reader Leandro Romano reminded me that it would be a good time to give you an update on my Dock on OS X.

My Dock

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Here are my essential apps today, from left to right:

  • Finder: nothing to talk about the system file manager.
  • Google Chrome: in the last few years I have tried and used both Safari and Firefox for a while, but I am still better adapted to it in general.
  • Pocket: my service “Read it later” preferred. where I keep all the links I leave to see later.
  • Mail: I hardly deserved space on my Dock, since I only use it with my iCloud account. My main emails are all accessed via the same browser, via Gmail and Google Apps.
  • Contacts: in theory I should organize my contacts all by Gmail itself, but the integration of OS X with iOS in this case kills. I also like his simple interface.
  • Grades: It's not an app that I open every single day, but I think it's perfect for quick notes and it definitely got even better on the OS X El Capitan + iOS 9 duo, especially when it comes to syncing via iCloud.
  • Fantastical: I think it is far superior and cooler than the native OS X Calendar app.
  • Slack: the software / service that we currently use for all internal communication between the site team. Simply excellent!
  • Tweetbot: For a long time, my favorite Twitter client on all platforms.
  • Wunderlist: my task organizer, both personal and professional. It is for him, too, that we organize all pending agendas here for the site in a shared list.
  • Posts: no need for introductions, I use Apple's iMessage network a lot.
  • Skype: It is a necessary evil, due to its popularity. Although it is still relatively good, I think its quality has dropped a lot in the last few years since the acquisition of Microsoft.
  • Telegram: my favorite communicator today. I always prefer him when I see that the person I want to talk to is there.
  • FaceTime: another app that I don’t use every day, but always needs to be on hand. For me, his next big leap should be support for calls with multiple participants.
  • iTunes: do i need to say anything?
  • QuickTime Player: I like having it in the Dock because I make a lot of screen and / or audio recordings, as well as I like to drag certain types of files to the icon and make sure that they will be opened by it.
  • Adobe Photoshop: I have already tested others, but it remains my favorite graphic editor.
  • Adobe Lightroom: years ago I migrated to him, where I organize and edit all my photographs.
  • ImageOptim: although I optimize images when I export them through Photoshop, I always go through this simple utility before uploading it here. In some cases, the reduction in file size is absurd.
  • Photos: while I use Photoshop Lightroom for my DSLR photos, through Photos I organize all the photos on the iPhone / iPad thanks to synchronization through the iCloud Library.
  • Preview: analogous to QuickTime, only for images.
  • Text editor: Notes satisfies me for quick notes, but for drafts of larger and related texts I still prefer it.
  • Coda: My favorite code editor, super nice to use and powerful.
  • Broadcast: colleague of Coda, from the same developer, to use (S) FTP.
  • GitHub Desktop: utility for deployment of codes from our website.
  • 1Password: certainly the best password manager and personal / confidential information that exists, overused on all platforms. It's always evolving and the interface is very polished.
  • Calcbot: far superior calculator native to OS X, with a modern, historical look, mathematical expressions, unit converter, synchronization via iCloud, I highly recommend it.
  • App Store: That's why I downloaded several of the ones listed above.
  • System Preferences: for me, it has to be always on hand.
  • Downloads folder: where everything i go to, so i know if there is something there that is pending / i haven’t looked. In general, it is usually empty.
  • Garbage: I love to clean it, hehe.

And yours, how? Comment below!