My cell phone fell into the water. And now?

My cell phone fell into the water. And now?

If by any chance your smartphone, which is not water resistant, has fallen into a bathtub, toilet, or your beta fish's aquarium, you may be wrong. Especially because manufacturers do not cover water damage. However, if you became calm and removed it from the downpour in a timely manner, there are some tips for recovering the swim device.

Water can very badly damage your device. Moisture poses a danger to the hardware, so first try not to turn the device on again. You won't want to send an electrical discharge to wet internal components, right? That would fry his circuits.

If the device remained on after the dive, turn it off as soon as possible so that the chances of damaging the hardware will be reduced. Also remove the SIM card and the microSD. That said, below are a few steps that, if done in time, can recover your drowned smartphone.

My cell phone fell into the water: dry the phone

With the unit off, the first thing to do is dry it out. For this, use a towel with good absorption or even kitchen paper. Otherwise, use toilet paper. Thus, the water that was outside no longer represents a danger to the phone when it is disassembled.

AndroidPIT Wet samsung galaxy S5 5215
Dry your device as soon as possible / ANDROIDPIT

My phone fell into the water: remove from battery (if possible)

The purpose of removing the battery is to allow room for water to evaporate as the idea is to make the phone dry naturally. It is important to note that when the appliance dries naturally, the chances of it working again are high.

AndroidPIT Wet samsung galaxy S5 5211
Carefully remove the battery / ANDROIDPIT

My phone fell into the water: disassemble the device

Although the idea is natural drying of the device, we can contribute a little more to this process by opening it with the help of a screwdriver, thus removing the back that surrounds the smartphone.

Important: Only open the back of the appliance. If you have no experience, try nothing more than that.

After opening it, it is quite possible that you will find water on the internal components. In this case, carefully use the kitchen roll paper again to absorb any remaining drops.

AndroidPIT Wet samsung galaxy S5 5208
Disassemble / ANDROIDPIT

My cell phone fell into the water: vacuum the handset

All the tips in this article should be done very carefully, as remember: the goal is to recover the device and not finish destroying it.

Thus, another possibility that assists in the natural drying process of the phone is to use a vacuum cleaner to suck water and moisture from inside the device. However, be sure not to leave any screws near the mouth of the vacuum cleaner or any other object that could be sucked into the appliance.

AndroidPIT Wet samsung galaxy S5 5220
We didn't have a hand-held vacuum cleaner, but you got it, didn't you? / ANDROIDPIT

My phone fell into the water: remove moisture

Then place the appliance in a container with raw rice for about 24 hours. But pay attention: put only one side of the appliance in contact with the rice. Thus, no grain residue will enter the device.

The rice will suck in moisture, leaving your smartphone dry. It is important that the container is closed so that the rice absorbs moisture from the cell phone and not from the external environment. A good pot in this case would be a Tupperware or a closed container with plastic film.

My phone fell into the water: turn on the phone (and cross your fingers)

After these five steps, put all the parts together – back cover, screws, cards and battery – and turn the device back on. If the phone does not work, because the bath he took lasted a long time and the best option is even take him for technical assistance.

AndroidPIT Wet samsung galaxy S5 5222
Now is the time for truth! / ANDROIDPIT

Otherwise everything went your way and you managed to save your dear Android. Enjoy and redouble care!

What about, could you recover your smartphone? Were you fast enough? Comment here

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