MWC2020: With the list of ‚Äúdropouts‚ÄĚ growing, GSMA gathers council to decide whether to hold the fair

The Coronavirus outbreak is prompting several technological giants to clear their commitments at the 2020 edition of the Mobile World Congress. the heavy absences confirmed in the past few days, which include LG, Ericsson, Nvidia, Amazon and Sony, are now joined by Intel, Vivo and NTT DoCoMo.

Withdrawals could put the realization of MWC 2020 at risk and the pressure for the GSMA to make a decision regarding the direction of the technological fair is increasing.

According to the Spanish press, the organization of the event has called an emergency meeting of the council for the next 14th of February, which may be anticipated.

Catalonia's regional government, Generalitat, is also working in collaboration with GMSA.

Intel is the third US company to cancel its participation in the technological fair in Barcelona.

The safety and well-being of all employees and partners is our priority and, for this reason, we decided not to be present at this year's Mobile World Congress, advances the technological giant in an international press release.

Like the North American manufacturer, Vivo indicates that its decision relates to ensuring the safety of its employees and the public.

The Chinese company planned to unveil its new Apex 2020 smartphone on February 23 at MWC.

However, Vivo clarifies in a press release that it will postpone the presentation of the equipment and make its plans known soon.

NTT DoCoMo, the Japanese telecommunications operator, clarifies in a statement that it will also cancel its participation in MWC 2020 in order to ensure the safety and well-being of its customers, partners and employees.

For now, the Japanese company does not advance if its CEO, Kazuhiro Yoshizawa, remains one of the members of the panel of speakers.

Concerns about the Coronavirus outbreak have also led companies like Samsung to reduce its presence at the fair and also technological ones like ZTE and, more recently TCL to cancel the press conferences they had planned for MWC 2020.

For now, the three manufacturers maintain their decision to exhibit and participate in the event organized by the GSMA.

It is recalled that the GMSA has already reacted to a recent wave of cancellations.

In a statement released on February 9, the association clarified that the technological fair will continue as planned, although the Coronavirus is causing some disruption in terms of the number of participating companies.

The GSMA announced that it is taking even more precautions in addition to the previously announced set of preventive measures.

The entry of participants from Hubei province to the event is not allowed.

The decision may have an impact on the participation of companies such as Lenovo, aXiaomi, Siemens or SchneiderElectric, which are represented in the Chinese region.

To date, organizations have not yet indicated what direction they are going to take.

The GSMA indicated that all individuals who have been to China will have to provide proof of how they left the country at least 14 days before the event.