MWC2020: After the fair is canceled there is no return on investment

MWC2020: After the fair is canceled there is no return on investment

The website quotes an email sent to an exhibitor saying that "due to the increased force, we will not guarantee a refund in accordance with our terms and conditions for exhibitions, advertising and sponsorships, article 21.10".

The GSMA also claims that as a non-profit organization and a congregation of industry and the ecosystem, these situations have a "very significant financial impact on the GSMA" and claims to thank for their understanding and patience.

The association that organizes the MWC says it is studying suggestions that may mitigate the potential impact of the MWC cancellation, and that it hopes to maintain good relations with its business partners.

According to the figures that have been shared, the investment of the companies that participate in the MWC vary between 15 thousand and 14 million dollars, and last year the fair guaranteed more than 500 million dollars in investment of participants.

MWC is one of the largest unmarked events due to the threat of contagion with the Coronavirus, but companies have taken some precautionary measures in relation to travel and other smaller events as well. Even today it was learned that PlayStation and Facebook canceled their presence at GDC 2020

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