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MWC 2020 threatened by coronavirus? LG and ZTE will not participate in the event.

MWC 2020 threatened by coronavirus? LG and ZTE will not participate in the event.

The world has gone through many epidemics. But few have been as meditative as what’s devastating China, created by a new kind of coronavirus.

This disease, similar to severe pneumonia, has already left hundreds dead and thousands of cases in China, whose economy is beginning to feel the effects.

The case in itself is serious, but the dates could not be worse for the mobile technology sector, since at the end of this month we have the MWC 2020 in Barcelona, ​​an event that for the first time may risk being canceled if other companies decide to do what ZTE and the LG made.



ZTE announced that it is not going to the event, the news came through the website The Verge, saying that there are several reasons why the company decided not to send representatives to the fair.

Specifically, they talk about the perception of Chinese citizens outside and who do not want to increase this feeling or make other exhibitors feel uncomfortable.



LG was the second company to speak out, declaring today in its official Twitter profile that it is also not participating in MWC 2020. The note was also sent to the press, see:

"LG Electronics is monitoring and closely monitoring the current situation related to the coronavirus outbreak that was recently declared a worldwide emergency by the World Health Organization, as the virus continues to spread outside of China.

Putting the safety and health of its employees, partners and customers, LG decided to cancel its exposure and participation in MWC 2020, to be held this month in Barcelona.

This decision completely eliminates the risk of exposing LG employees to the virus on international travel, an activity that has become much more restrictive at LG as the virus continues to spread.

Instead of participating in MWC 2020, LG will soon hold other events to announce its new phones for 2020. LG Electronics thanks its users and the public for their understanding during these difficult and challenging times. "

As indicated in the statement, LG will hold other individual events to present its next smartphones, as well as planned brands such as Samsung, Apple or Huawei.

GSMA – MWC 2020

The GSMA responsible for MWC 2020 does not cancel the event, but takes action on it. It is clear that if these two companies are followed by other powerful companies, such as Xiaomi, Samsung or Huawei, the celebration of the MWC may be at risk. However, at the moment, the GSMA, organizer of the event, did not opt ​​for cancellation.

The GSMA has issued a statement in which it provides a series of guidelines to participants to minimize the risk of contagion.

There is more than two weeks to go before the celebration of the mega mobile technology fair in Barcelona and, for the first time in decades, the celebration can run into problems.